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Monoclonal Antibody to GAPDH - Loading Control

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GAPDH - Loading ControlT.C. Sup.
0.1 mL
Catalog No: IMG-5019A-2
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Contents: 100 ul antibody solution containing 50% glycerol, 0.01% thimerosal and 1.0 mg/ml BSA.
Isotype: Mouse-IgG1
Clone: GAPDH 1D4
Species: Bovine, Chicken, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, Rat
Host: Mouse
Application: IF/ICC: 1:100-1:1000
IP: see Kang et al
Western blot analysis: 1:1000-1:5000
Storage: Store at -20 degrees C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.
Positive Control:
HeLa, Jurkat, Daudi, 293, Rh30, A375m T98Gm HCT-116, Hep-2, ovary, stomach, lung, liver, heart.  Most cell lines and tissues will be positive for GAPDH. 

Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (GAPDH, G3PDH or GPDH) is one of the key enzymes involved in glycolysis; it catalyzes the reversible oxidative phosphorylation of glyceraldehydes-3-phosphate. The GAPDH gene is constitutively and stably expressed at high levels in almost all tissues and cells, and as such is considered to be a “housekeeping” gene. Housekeeping proteins like GAPDH are useful as loading controls for western blots and protein normalization. They are also useful for visualizing cells in microscopy assays.

Purified pig GAPDH enzyme.

Application Notes
On Western blots, GAPDH is detected as a band of approximately 36-40 kDa. GAPDH antibodies are widely used as loading controls for quantitative Western blotting, including normalizing Western blot results to GAPDH. Species reactivity: GAPDH is highly conserved across species, and antibodies to GAPDH typically have broad species reactivity. Clone 1D4 has been shown to react with human, cow, pig, mouse, rat, and chicken GAPDH. Since GAPDH is highly conserved across species, it is likely that the antibody reacts with additional species.

Genebank Info (Protein): NP_002037
Gene ID: 2597
GAPDH - Loading Control Antibody

Application of the GAPDH antibody as a protein loading control in Western blots. Total proteins from various human cell lysates were normalized using the GAPDH monoclonal antibody. The blot shown is IMGENEX's INSTA-Blot: Human Cell Lines, Cat. no. IMB-105.

GAPDH - Loading Control Antibody IMG-5019A-2

Application of the GAPDH antibody to visualize cells by fluorescence microscopy. Sh-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells were stained with GAPDH, followed by an FITC labeled second step antibody (green) and counterstained with Hoechst dye (blue).

GAPDH - Loading Control

Application of the GAPDH antibody as a protein loading control in Western blots. Total proteins from various rat tissue lysates were normalized using the GAPDH monoclonal antibody. Rat tissue lysates, Cat nos: Ovary (40151), Stomach (40130), Lung (40126), Liver (40125), and Heart (40122).  



Research purposes only. Not for diagnostic or in vivo use. This product is guaranteed to perform as indicated on the datasheet for one year from the date of purchase.






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