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Antibodies from IMGENEX: Stem Cell Markers

Stem Cells hold great promise in medicine. An active and well publicized effort in the pharmaceutical and medical area fulfilling this promise for cellular treatment and regenerative medicine necessitates the development of Stem Cell related reagents and assays for these treatments.

IMGENEX expertise in the Cell Biology and Immunology and our active involvement in the research products area evolves a rapidly expanding portfolio of Stem Cell related products. Areas of biology encompass broad areas in which Stem Cells are being studied as well as focused areas such as Immunology, Hematology, Cancer and Neurobiology.

Products include antibodies and other tools which are used for stem cell identification, stem cell differentiation and stem cell function. Families of molecules for both surface and internal proteins include:

Cell Surface Markers and Receptors
Cell Signaling Molecules
Transcription Factors
Cytoskeletal elements

Validated platforms include Immunofluorescence Microscopy, Immunohistochemistry, ELISA, Western Blotting and others.

IMGENEX provides both routinely used and innovative reagents for Stem Cell research, like HID-5, a potential skin stem cell marker that is upregulated during inflammatory and tumorigenic processes.

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