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Cancer Antibodies

Cancer is the overall umbrella term for many diseases which all share at least one common characteristic –all cancers evolve from abnormal cells undergoing unregulated growth. Sometimes the additional cells form a solid mass or tumor which may be either benign or malignant. Benign tumors can be removed and may not grow back. Malignant tumors may be removed but may return through metastasized cancer cells already separated from the original tumor site. Cancer cells are often capable of spreading, metastasizing or invading other tissues commonly through blood or lymph systems1,2 Cancers can arise from virtually any tissue and most cancers are named for the original cell type or tissue in which it was first detected. There are over 100 types of cancer already identified some more prevalent in males vs. females in addition to cancers of gender-specific organs.

There are various ways in which a cancer cell originates from a normal cell, but it is thought that the abnormal cell arises from a DNA change or genetic mutation leading to abnormal cell growth or abnormal cell division due to changes in DNA binding proteins, enzymes, transcription factors, receptors, or other families of molecules. Because of the many pathways and their interdependence in maintenance of healthy cell growth, there are many probes and molecules which are explored and utilized alone or in combinations to predict a cell’s normalcy or abnormalcy. Cancer research involves studies of virtually all types of cells and their functions and phenotypes through numerous platforms and applications including Flow Cytometry, Immunhistochemistry, Western Blotting and Microscopy.

IMGENEX Corporation provides a leading portfolio for Cancer Research with exceptional products such as IHC Validated antibodies for Immunohistochemistry, Tissue Microarrays, Tumor Markers, Transcription Factors, Epigenetic Markers and other Cancer Antibodies. Virtually all areas or molecules of interest for cancer biology research can be found and cross-referenced in the specific IMGENEX product links below.

Cancer Antibodies
Apoptosis Antibodies
Bcl-2 Family Mechanism of Survival and Death Cancer antibodies
CD Markers Cell Cycle
Chromatin Cytokine and Chemokine
Dendritic Cells Development and Differentiation
DNA Methylation and Repair EpCam antibodies
G Protein coupled Receptors Histone Deacetylases
Inflammation Kinases and Phosphatases
Molecules involving RNAi mTOR
Neurobiology NF-kB Pathway
Secondary antibodies Signal Transduction
Telomere Associated Proteins TumorBioMarkers






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