As an innovative antibody and reagent company IMGENEX provides a full range of custom services for the life science industry. With over fifteen years of antibody experience and a catalog of over 10,000 products, our scientists have the skills and tools necessary to help you at every step of the process, from antigen design to custom antibody production and testing.

IMGENEX provides the most comprehensive and easy to understand custom antibody services utilizing the extensive experience of working with customers from various industries and research backgrounds. Following are the advantages of our Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production:


Advanced peptide design using Preditope™:
Preditope™ a proprietary multi-parametric epitope mapping algorithm developed by our in-house bioinformatics team is used to identify the most appropriate amino acid sequence to use as immunogen for the custom antibody.

Optimized 10 week protocol: With a decade and a half of antibody development experience, our scientists have prepared a 10 week protocol optimal for polyclonal antibody production. The protocol includes seven immunizations along with three custom production bleeds. This procedure has been shown to efficiently generate maximum immune response from the host.


Custom Projects:
From extensive experience of working with scientists from various research backgrounds, we understand that each customer has distinct needs. That is why IMGENEX is well positioned to offer highly flexible custom antibody production to fit each customer’s requirements. All packages and additional/optional services are discussed upfront and there are no hidden costs.

Project Extension: We will maintain the animals for 15 days after you receive your custom production bleeds/antibody. In that time period you can notify IMGENEX for extension of your project for as long as you want. The project extension covers 2 immunizations and 2 production bleeds from each animal each month.

Experts’ advice:
Contact us and get a consultation on your custom antibody from our experienced scientific staff.

Regular updates: Once the custom service is initiated, you will be sent regular updates on the project milestones including peptide synthesis and conjugation, immunizations, bleeds, testing and purification.
Competitive Price:
Get antibody (60-90 ml sera from 2 rabbits) specific for your antigen of interest for only $650.
Antibody Guarantee:
IMGENEX guarantees your antibody specificity in ELISA testing with peptides designed and synthesized by IMGENEX.
Your custom project, your antibody, your peptide:
All custom projects remain the property of our customers. You receive all antibody and the remaining unconjugated peptide.

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