Custom Large Scale Antibody Production

IMGENEX offers custom large scale production of monoclonal antibody. Our extensive background over many years in the development, validation and commercialization of monoclonal antibodies has provided us with world-class in depth knowledge in contract service areas including large scale antibody production. In fact, we have been providing Contract Service throughout our 15 year history but it is only recently that we are approaching this in a more directed manner.

Large scale antibody production is provided on a case by case basis in regards to quantity - from a few hundred milligrams to gram quantities, to purification, to conjugation with a wide variety of fluorochromes, biotin, or enzymes.

A statement of work and certificate of analysis of work done for validation purposes is provided with each service.

All work is done under confidential agreement. Further, we do not need to know the clone names or specificity of the hybridoma to be scaled up. We simply need to know the species of origin and isotype for purification purposes.

To facilitate and expedite the process, we have developed a step-wise procedure listed below, all under confidential and secure conditions.

  1. Initial conference call to establish dialogue and parameters for Statement of Work
    Call: 1-888-723-4363 Ext. 244

  2. Statement of Work generated including Tasks, Milestones, Procedures, Reports and Quotation for the large scale antibody production

  3. Conference Call or e-mail to make any revisions

  4. Finalize and begin project

Let our experience and service provide you with the products you need when you need them at very attractive pricing.

Consider IMGENEX your dependable outsource resource for large scale antibody production and all of your Contract Project needs.

For information on our new Screening Service for Inflammation & Immune Signaling Pathways, or other contract projects, contact us at 1-888-723-4363 Ext. 244.






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